Avocado & Tomato


Yuca con Mojo

Sweet Planains

Cuban Tamales 

 Moros y Cristianos


This traditional Caribbean side dish adds a nice sweetness to any meal. Made from ripe plantains. Pan fried until they are warm and tender inside. Caramelized and slightly crisp outside.

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. These pan fried, pressed, salted Plantain discs are a staple side dish on every Caribbean menu. A little garlic mojo sauce on the side makes these discs sing.

Yuca (Cassava) is considered one of Cuba’s national dishes. Marinated in garlic, lime and olive oil. Served hot. Yuca has a nice, nutty smell and slightly sweet taste enhanced by the marinade. Served just like a potato side dish.

Avocado & Tomato Ripe avocados and ripe beefsteak tomato sliced and diced with some red onion tossed in a simple red wine vinegar and olive oil dressing.

The basic, staple side dish in Cuban cuisine. The yellow rice takes its color from annatto tree seeds. It adds an earthy, slightly peppery flavor. Pigeon peas Red bell peppers and pimento slices give it an authentic Caribbean style.

White rice and my authentic black bean recipe cooked to perfection and combined with a bit of sauteed garlic and oregano.....presto.

Basic... Basic... Basic. Long grain white rice (Christians) and "My" traditional Black Bean recipe (Moors) get it. Hey, don't blame me for the name.. comes from a different era. Cubans take their black bean recipe very seriously.

NOT Mexican! Cuban Tamales are a sweet corn meal with a Savory NOT spicy flavor. Plenty of adobo, red sofrito, and chunks of roasted pork.. need vegitarian... sure... if you have to!

The Following Items are $4.00 Per Person

Minimum of 10 and a combined order of 20

Yellow Rice & Peas Price $3.00 Per Person

minimum of 10 and a combined order of 20

Yellow Rice and Peas

Tamales / Beans & Rice Price $4.50 Per Person 

minimum of 10 and a combined order of 20