(25 guest Minimum)
The more guests you have , the more you save!
All our Paella's for 50 guests and up are made "ON-Site" Live! at your Location. Our Party Paella Pans are made in Spain

"Drop Off" arrangements can be made for under 50 guest orders, call for details

                                    Non-Seafood                                              Seafood

                                 Chicken, Pork,                                         Shrimp, Mussels,
                                 Chorizo, Vegitables                             Clams,Squid,Chicken,
                                                                                                Chorizo, Vegitables
  First 25 guests -        $13.95 Each                                            $18.00 Each
  Add. 15 guests  -      $12.95 Each                                            $16.00 Each
  Add. 41 - 150 +         $10.00 Each                                            $14.00 Each
                             *Aditional $3.50 Per Person for Lobster Tail Or Crab Legs

Paella Cubana!  A traditional Spanish rice, seafood, Chicken, chorizo dish slow cooked in an open pan. We use traditional Paella pans made in spain. Our large format cooking technique is as much a show as a meal! The Cuban version has the addition of Adobo, Cumin and sometimes roasted pork. You know there is something different and special here.