About Us

Hi, my name is Manny, as a first generation Cuban American  I have always been surrounded by amazing Cuban cooks. I learned some wonderful recipes and have been cooking this wonderful food my entire life and it served as a gateway to a thirty five year career in the hospitality industry.

Growing up In my circle of friends and family we most definitely "Lived to eat". Every home had the authentic Cuban food aromas. The unmistakable smell of a Sofrito - onion, bell peppers, garlic and olive oil, tomato and spices slowly melding in a pot on the stove. The hearty fill your soul smell of braising and roasting meats in the oven. Oh yea have I mentioned the Pork?! You can not be Cuban and not eat Pork. At least you can't ever let it be known. Also every meal seemed to be a party. The more people you had the grander it would get. The Cuban music would come on, Mambos, Salsa, waracha, and my godfather would break out the bongo's ( not kidding) and my aunt and godmothers would dance around with their napkins in the air. So much fun. My grandmother made the creamiest Flan. My mothers Tamales are to die for. My godmother..... she was the queen of Cuban cooking. I would go to her apartment after school most days. At school I would wait in anticipation all day thinking of what wonderful food I would start smelling as I walked down the hall to her apartment. I think she kept her door open to tease the neighbors more so than for me.


These experiences and countless more formed my appreciation for food and the hospitality industry. I love to cook, I love to entertain, I love to see people really enjoy eating. And I love Cuban food.
So here we are....... El Cubano Catering was created to bring you some of this joy and flavor that I know you'll love as well.

Thank you
Manuel Pontones


Enjoy our one of kind, authentic Cuban Food. Savor traditional Cuban Cuisines from the menu selections or choose one of our available packages along with the "Cuban Vibe" of music and domino's!. We roast our meats using our "Caja China" roasting boxes. Your choices can be prepared in our kitchens OR "O-Site" at your location for a truly immersive experience. Savor traditional Cuban Cuisine from our menu items or choose one of our available packages along with an authentic Cuban experience. El Cubano Catering wants to provide a memorable event for you, your family and friends. Experience the unique Cuban roasting method using La Caja China. Our Roasted pig and other meats have a one of a kind flavor - "Sabor"!
While waiting for your dinner to be served you can listen to nostolgic Cuban music and play some dominoes. The "Cuban Atmosphere" will keep you entertained while filling your stomach with tastes of Cuban cuiusine.
When dinner is ready our staff will provide a full service buffet. We will carve the whole pig for you and serve it. It's all part of the experience. Yes, all utensils, disposable plates, napkins and condiments are provided. All set up, breakdown and clean up cost is included.
Close out the evening with some traditional Cuban desserts like Flan (Caramel Custard pie) or Tres Leche   ( 3 milk cake) Pastelitos (Cuban pasteries) and then sip on a Cuban coffee and smoke a freshly "hand rolled" Cigar straight from Tampa, FL.
Whether it's a family reunion, a corporate picnic, a wedding reception, rehersal dinner, wedding, tailgate party or you are just looking for a reason to get together with family and friends we are here to make it the most memorable event you have experienced.
We look forward to serving you.