Where Do You find your pigs?

Fortunately for us we live nearby Lancaster County PA. which is renowned for wonderful livestock farming, from the small Amish farmer to the larger commercial operators. We utilize local vendors who secure our orders from high quality local farmers.

What is the best size pig for my event?

The best weight for a roasting pig is between 80-120lbs "Live Weight". This is how they are sold. This is the  weight prior to it being  "dressed" or butchered and ready to roast. Pigs this size are most often more tender and flavorful. Each individual pig will have a different ratio of muscle meat, to fat, to bone. the actual weight and amount of meat can vary. Depending on the size of the event we would use multiple "Caja China" boxes with the appropriate number of pigs for the size of the group.

The size of the pig will determine how much meat it will provide after cooking. Keep in mind that part of the weight is in overall moisture, fat and bone. All of this is taken into consideration when choosing a pig.

We take this guess work out of your hands. Rest assured - NO ONE will go hungry!
But, as an example, a 80-100lb dressed pig which will yield approximately 55 to 65 lbs of cooked meat - It could break down like this:
1/4 lb of meat per person will feed between 200 and 228 people
1/2 lb of meat per person will feed between 100 and 114 people
1 lb of meat per person will feed between 50 and 57 people

It is a common occurrence that people will "pig out" at a pig roast, not everyone Will eat the same amount, but they do seem to indulge. If no other food is being served then it will usually come to 1/2 lb to 1 lb per person. If other food is being served at the party, you may be good with 1/4 lb per guest.
Another thing to consider is unexpected guests. We find that news spreads quickly when throwing a Pig Roast. Always be prepared for more guests, it's generally better to buy a little bigger pig and have leftovers than not have enough. Pig Roasts tend to bring in neighbors and friends you haven't seen in years.

How many guests can be fed at a pig roast?